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Jet-Pong is an electronic coin-operated version of the novelty game Beer-Pong.  This innovative table-top game allows for 1 or 2 player modes and features our patented Aerr Technology ball return.  This game also features HMI Scoring Screens, Video Display Advertising Screen, Custom LED Lighting, Matrix LED Playfield, 200 Watt Speaker system, Custom Sounds for Scoring and Attract Modes, Built-in Wireless, and meets local, city and state liquor license guidelines allowing it to be used in bars, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, college campuses, FEC’s and bar-cades.  Jet-Pong does not require the use of liquids, of any kind, allowing this game to function without the mess, as well as be one of the top money earners in any establishment.  Jet-Pong is available is both 120V and 220V.

A game is started by pressing the green flashing button after a coin, token, bill or card swipe is read.  The first ball is then “served up” to player one by a pressurized column of air that magically hovers or levitates the ball about a foot above the table where it can be easily grabbed by player one from mid-air. Players alternate turns by pressing their player buttons, grabbing the levitating ball and tossing it into one of the red Solo cups at the other end of the table. A display near the players shows the score, number of balls left, and cups yet to be made. LEDs under cups shut off when a cup is made. Music and cheering play when a cup is made. One and two player modes.  Each player gets 10 balls.  Game score, # of cups made and number of balls left to throw is continuously updated on the screens.  If a cup is missed (or made) the ball rolls down our internal ball return and is recycled through the table by our patented Aerr Technology.  Side guards near the cups help contain the balls and a shot clock helps to prompt each player’s turn.


  • Playing area is Tournament REGULATION SIZE  
  • Only Three moving parts – one of which is an industrial-grade blower motor
  • “Maintenance Mode” to troubleshoot sensors, LEDs, blower, solenoids, etc.
  • “Setup Mode” to set number of credits, ticket dispensing when used, etc. 
  • Playfield LEDs, console displays and rear video display animation when a cup is made
  • Rear video display customizable for advertising easily via USB Thumb drive
  • Remote access available with password-protected WI-FI
  • Reliable and durable LED T-molding surrounds the unit
  • Convenient footprint to allow easy placement with other games
  • All internals have quick-connect cables for ease of service
  • Specifications: Game Fully Assembled – Height 84” Width 24” Length 96” Weight 500lbs
  • Shipping Box Size (uncrated) 55” 30” 102” 575 lbs


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