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412 Games in 1 Cocktail Arcade Classic Series

412 Games in 1 Cocktail Arcade Classic Series

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Bring the 80’s Classics home with this brand new Commercial Grade 412 Games in 1 Cocktail Game Table. This is constructed with the highest quality materials, nothing has been left out, experience the real feel of the arcades at home. This Cocktail Game includes 2 chrome cocktail swivel stools, 5 Year Warranty and LIFETIME Tech Support for as long as you own this table, parts are always available after the 5 Year Warranty. 

** Please note that adding the Riser/Stand will require bar height stools. This order will come with 2 cocktail height stools.  **

Choose our white glove service and our delivery men will carry the machine into your house.

This AWESOME 412 in 1 Game Table Features:

5 Year Warranty
Lifetime Tech Support
2 Chrome Swivel Stools
412 Games in 1
19″ LED Screen
New Fully Assembled in a Box – Plug and Play
You Can Set Coin Operated or On FREE PLAY
Tempered Glass Table Top
We Ship Only Freight
Dimensions of cocktail units: 34″ x 25.5″ x 29″ (L x W x H)
Weighs 165 lbs

All machines come palletized with Free Curbside Shipping to the Lower 48 States. There is a separate fee for White Glove Service if the machine needs to be moved into your home. White Glove is a separate service from the freight company that we coordinate with a third party. 

The List of 412 Classics Included in the Machine:

Click Here for 412 Vertical Games List


001.Ms. Pac-Man 002.Ms. Pac-Man (speedup) 003.Ms. Pac-Man Plus 004.Galaga 005.Frogger 006.Frog 007.Donkey Kong 008.Crazy Kong 009.Donkey Kong Junior 010.Donkey Kong 3 011.Galaxian 012.Galaxian Part X 013.Galaxian Turbo 014.Dig Dug 015.Crush Roller 016.Mr. Do! 017.Space Invaders Part II 018.Super Invaders (EMAG) 019.Return of the Invaders ▲ 020.Super Space Invaders '91 021.Pac-Man 022.PuckMan 023.PuckMan (speedup) 024.New Puck-X 025.Newpuc2 026.Galaga 3 027.Gyruss 028.Tank Battalion 29.1942 030.Lady Bug 031.Burger Time 032.Mappy 033.Centipede ▲ 034.Millipede 035.Jr. Pac-Man 036.Pengo 037.Son of Phoenix 038.Time Pilot 039.Super Cobra 040.Video Hustler 041.Space Panic 042.Space Panic (harder) ▲ 043.Super Breakout ▲ 044.Arkanoid 045.Super Qix 046.Juno First 047.Xevious 048.Mr. Do's Castle 049.Moon Cresta 050.Pinball Action 051.Scramble 052.Super Pac-Man 053.Bomb Jack 054.Shao-Lin's Road 055.King & Balloon ▲ 56.1943 057.Van-Van Car 058.Pac-Man Plus 059.Pac & Pal 060.Dig Dug II 061.Amidar 062.Zaxxon 063.Super Zaxxon 064.Pooyan ▲ 065.Pleiads 066.Gun.Smoke 067.The End ▲ 068.1943 Kai 069.Congo Bongo 070.Jumping Jack 071.Big Kong 072.Bongo 073.Gaplus 074.Ms. Pac Attack 075.Abscam 076.Ajax 077.Ali Baba and 40 Thieves ▲ 078.Finalizer - Super Transformation 079.Arabian 080.Armored Car 081.Astro Blaster 082.Astro Fighter 083.Astro Invader 084.Battle Lane! 085.Battle-Road, The 086.Beastie Feastie Caution: ▲ No flipped screen’s games ! 1 Game list of game (Vertical) www.PrimeArcades.Com 087.Bio Attack 088.Black Hole ▲ 089.Block Gal 090.Blue Print 091.Bump 'n' Jump 092.Cavelon 093.Cheeky Mouse 094.Circus Charlie 095.Commando 096.Darwin 4078 097.Defend the Terra Attack - UFO 098.Devil Fish 099.Devil Zone 100.Dingo 101.Disco No.1 102.Dock Man 103.Dog Fight (Thunderbolt) 104.Dommy 105.Dorodon 106.Dr. Micro 107.Dr. Toppel's Adventure 108.Dream Shopper 109.Eagle 110.Eggor ▲ 111.Eight Ball Action 112.Enigma 2 113.Exciting Soccer 114.Exerion 115.Eyes 116.Fantazia ▲ 117.Labyrinth Runner 118.Fighting Roller 119.Fire Battle 120.Fire Trap 121.Fly-Boy 122.Free Kick 123.Funky Bee ▲ 124.Funky Fish 125.Funny Mouse 126.Future Spy 127.Galaxy Wars 128.Gardia 129.Ghostmuncher Galaxian 130.Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi 131.Gorkans 132.Grobda 133.Gun Dealer 134.Guzzler 135.Gyrodine 136.Hangly-Man 137.Hero in the Castle of Doom 138.High Way Race 139.Hoccer 140.Hopper Robo 141.Intrepid 142.Jack the Giantkiller 143.Joinem 144.Jolly Jogger 145.Joyman 146.Jump Coaster 147.Jungler ▲ 148.Crazy Rally 149.Kangaroo ▲ 150.Kaos 151.Kicker 152.Korosuke Roller 153.Lasso 154.Lock'n'Chase 155.Loco-Motion 156.Looping 157.Lunar Rescue 158.Mad Alien ▲ 159.VS Gong Fight 160.800 Fathoms 161.Mighty Guy 162.Mighty Monkey 163.Mikie 164.Minky Monkey 165.Mission 660 166.Mister Viking 167.Money Money 168.Monkey Donkey 169.Monster Bash 170.Moon Alien 171.Moon Alien Part 2 172.Moonwar Caution: ▲ No flipped screen’s games ! 2 Game list of game (Vertical) www.PrimeArcades.Com 173.Motos 174.Mouser 175.Mr. Jong 176.Mr. Kougar 177.Mr. TNT 178.Mysterious Stones 179.Naughty Boy 180.Naughty Mouse 181.Navarone 182.Net Wars 183.New Sinbad 7 184.Wild Western 185.Nibbler 186.Ninja Emaki ▲ 187.Jackal 188.Gomoku Narabe Renju 189.Nunchackun 190.Oli-Boo-Chu 191.Ozma Wars 192.Pandora's Palace 193.Strata Bowling 194.Percussor, The 195.Perestroika Girls 196.Performan 197.Phozon 198.Pickin' 199.Pinbo 200.Piranha 201.Pisces 202.Pit, The 203.Polaris 204.Pop Flamer 205.Popper 206.Power Surge 207.Pro Baseball Skill Tryout ▲ 208.City Bomber 209.Rafflesia 210.Regulus 211.Road Fighter 212.Roc'n Rope 213.Round-Up 214.Rug Rats 215.S.R.D.S.R.D. S.R.D. Mission 216.SWAT 217.Samurai Nihon-ichi 218.Satan of Saturn 219.Saturn 220.Bagman 221.Scrambled Egg 222.Senjyo 223.Shot Rider 224.Sindbad Mystery 225.Sky Base ▲ 226.Seicross ▲ 227.Space King 2 228.Space Firebird 229.Space Force 230.Space Pilot 231.Space Raider 232.Space Thunderbird 233.Speak & Rescue 234.Speed Ball 235.Springer 236.Star Force 237.Star Jacker 238.Stinger 239.Streaking 240.Super Bagman 241.Super Basketball 242.Super Doubles Tennis 243.Super Galaxians 244.Super Mouse ▲ 245.Gigas 246.Swarm 247.Syusse Oozumou 248.Tactician ▲ 249.Slither 250.Top Roller 251.Tower of Druaga 252.Traverse USA 253.Triple Punch 254.Turpin 255.Tutankham 256.UniWar S 257.Vastar 258.Vulgus Caution: ▲ No flipped screen’s games ! 3 Game list of game (Vertical) www.PrimeArcades.Com 259.Wanted 260.Warp & Warp 261.Water Ski 262.Wiping 263.Wiz 264.Woodpecker 265.Yamato ▲ 266.Omega Fighter Special 267.Zig Zag 268.Cutie Q 269.Zodiack 270.Zzyzzyxx ▲ 271.Anteater ▲ 272.Blades of Steel ▲ 273.Bomb Bee ▲ 274.Turbo Force ▲ 275.Kuhga ▲ 276.Thundercade / Twin Formation ▲ 277.Devastators ▲ 278.Aero Fighters 279.Sonic Wings ▲ 280.Tetris(1P) ▲ 281.Truxton / Tatsujin ▲ 282.Out Zone ▲ 283.Lightning Fighters ▲ 284.Super Contra ▲ 285.Rally Bike ▲ 286.Gang Busters ▲ 287.Mercs ▲ 288.Time Scanner ▲ 289.Varth - Operation Thunderstorm 290.Argus ▲ 291.Image Fight 292.Youma Ninpou Chou ▲ 293.Blast Off 294.Galaga (fast shoot) ▲ 295.Truxton II / Tatsujin II ▲ 296.Mahou Daisakusen 297.Zing Zing Zip ▲ 298.Armed Formation ▲ 299.Commando 300.Dragon Spirit ▲ 301.Gemini Wing ▲ 302.Sky Soldiers ▲ 303.TNK III ▲ 304.Terra Cresta ▲ 305.Air Duel ▲ 306.Blazer ▲ 307.Gals Panic ▲ 308.Quester ▲ 309.Caliber 50 ▲ 310.DownTown ▲ 311.Dyger ▲ 312.Tiger Heli ▲ 313.Slap Fight (Japan ) ▲ 314.Slap Fight (English ) ▲ 315.Ikari Warriors ▲ 316.Ashura Blaster ▲ 317.Master of Weapon ▲ 318.Gun & Frontier 319.Fighting Hawk 320.Twin Cobra 321.Flying Shark 322.Time Soldiers 323.Battlantis ▲ 324.The Hustler ▲ 325.War of Aero ▲ 326.Galaga '88 ▲ 327.Assault ▲ 328.Dragon Saber ▲ 329.Cosmo Gang the Video ▲ 330.Sky Fox ▲ 331.SAR - Search And Rescue ▲ 332.Tail to Nose - Great Championship ▲ 333.Super Formula ▲ 334.Final Star Force 335.Galaga '84 336.Dangar - Ufo Robo ▲ 337.Last Duel 338.Mad Gear ▲ 339.Alley Master ▲ 340.Legendary Wings 341.Wrestle War 342.Block Block 343.Rompers ▲ 344.Bowl-O-Rama Caution: ▲ No flipped screen’s games ! 4 Game list of game (Vertical) www.PrimeArcades.Com Caution: ▲ No flipped screen’s games ! 5 345.Twin Eagle ▲ 346.Victory Road ▲ 347.Extermination 348.Plus Alpha ▲ 349.Bells & Whistles ▲ 350.Kageki ▲ 351.1941 - Counter Attack 352.Alpine Ski ▲ 353.APB - All Points Bulletin ▲ 354.Carnival ▲ 355.Electric Yo-Yo, The ▲ 356.fastfred ▲ 357.Front Line 358.Green Beret ▲ 359.Guerrilla War ▲ 360.Journey(1P) ▲ 361.Joust 2 362.Karate Champ ▲ 363.Kick ▲ 364.Krull ▲ 365.Lost Tomb (easy) ▲ 366.Up'n Down ▲ 367.Mad Planets ▲ 368.Mega Zone ▲ 369.Phoenix 370.Q*bert ▲ 371.Q*bert's Qubes ▲ 372.Qix ▲ 373.Qix 2 ▲ 374.Ring King 375.Satan's Hollow ▲ 376.Sinistar 377.Solar Fox ▲ 378.Space Dungeon 37 Space Invaders 9. ▲ 380.Speed Rumbler, The ▲ 381.Tac/Scan ▲ 382.Tag Team Wrestling ▲ 383.Tempest ▲ 384.19XX:The War Against Destiny ▲ 385.Time Pilot '84 ▲ 386.Toobin' ▲ 387.Tournament Arkanoid ▲ 388.Tron ▲ 389.Colony 7 ▲ 390.Play Girls 2 ▲ 391.Play Girls ▲ 392.Bull Fighter 393.Evil Stone 394.Trick Trap 395.Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH ▲ 396.Gorf ▲ 397.Arbalester ▲ 398.1945k III ▲ 399.DonPachi ▲ 400.DoDonPachi ▲ 401.Dimahoo ▲ 402.Fantasia ▲ 403.Fantasy '95 ▲ 404.Gals Panic ▲ 405.New Fantasia ▲ 406.Super Model ▲ 407.Guwange ▲ 408.Battle Bakraid ▲ 409.Dangun Feveron ▲ 410.ESP Ra.De. ▲ 411.Spiders ▲ 412.Raiden

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